Naming conventions

Pagegen uses the file or directory name to determine the final page title, URL and optionally menu sort order. The page path is used to create the final page URL.


Name syntax: <sort order>_<title>[.extension]
Example: 020_About us.html


The following names are reserved for Pagegen use, and cannot be used:

  • /sitemap.txt
  • /sitemap.xml
  • /assets


The page title will become the file or directory name without the sort order or extension (unless overridden using Title header, see below). The title can contain any legal file name character, except a period(.).

Sort order

Pages are sorted in the menu by listing them alphabetically, to override the default sort files and directories can be prefixed by integers followed by an underscore. The sort prefix will be stripped from the title and URL.


A good practice is to use increments of 10 when setting the sort prefix (010_, 020_, 030_ etc.). This means an item can be added in the sequence with for instance 011_ without having to rename all items.


An extension is optional and is left as is. Directory index files can also have extensions.

Page URLs

The page URL will be the path from the content directory to the file, converted to lower case. Where sort prefix is removed and all characters that are not a-z, 0-9, dash(-), underscore(_) or period(.) are replaced with dash(-), file extensions are kept, if they are present.

Name Title URL
content/Fruit juice Fruit juice /fruit-juice
content/fruit juice+ice Fruit juice+ice /fruit-juice-ice
content/0001_Fruit juice Fruit juice /fruit-juice
content/0001_Fruit juice.html Fruit juice /fruit-juice.html
content/002_Fruit juice/index.html Fruit juice /fruit-juice/