Page headers and content

Content for each page consists of optional headers, containing any settings for the page, followed by a blank line and reStructuredText or Markdown markup.

[<header name>: <header value>]

The rest is content marked up using reStructuredText or Markdown


All headers are optional. They must start on the first line and content start is signaled by a blank line after the headers. Headers are often referred to as front matter by static site generation engines.

Name Default Description
authors None Comma separated list of authors, each item must match section in authors.conf
description None Html meta tag description
exclude html minify False Disables HTML minifying of the page if True
generate html True Enable/disable parsing of page content
link chain exclude False If True page will not be part of next- and previous-links
markup rst Can either be rst (default) for reStructuredText or md for Markdown
menu exclude False Remove page (and child pages) from menu/crumb trail
menu title None If set use for title in menu/crumb trail
number headings False If True add numbering (1, 1.1, 1.2 etc) to h2-h5 tags
preserve file name False If True file name will be kept as-is in final url
publish Date of generation Format YYYY-MM-DD, only generate pages (and sub pages) if today or past
rss include False If set page is included in RSS feed (assuming site include_rss)
search index exclude False Exclude page from search index
sitemap exclude False Remove page from sitemap
sitemap changefreq None Values: always, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or never
sitemap lastmod None Format YYYY-MM-DD
sitemap priority None Values between 0.0 and 1.0
tags None Comma separated list of tags, if exist then /tag/ pages generated
template pages.mako Template file from <theme>/templates
title None If set overrides page title
toc False If True page.toc will be available in templates, listing headings and links


Excerpts are the start of the page content. To create an excerpt add <!-- more --> to the page content. All content before the more tag will be the excerpt available as page.excerpt. Useful when listing pages to show a short excerpt of each page.