Page markup

Pages are marked up using either Markdown or reStructuredText. In site.conf setting default_markup can be either md (the default) or rst, pages can override the site wide configuration by setting header markup in the page headers/front matter.


View markup used on this site using the link at the very bottom of each page.

Some files that comprise a web site may just be regular text files. These files can be setup by using the page header generate html: false, in which case Pagegen will dump file contents as-is, without running it through reStructuredText or Markdown engine.


robots.txt or .htaccess are files that should be configured with generate html: false header.


Graphviz support for either reStructuredText or Markdown requires Graphviz installed

reStructuredText support

Pagegen supports standard reStructuredText. Also inline Graphviz graphs are supported, see python-docutils-graphviz.


Pagegen Markdown is implemented by Markdown, see the documentation for exact Markdown support. In addition inline Graphviz graphs are supported, syntax as follows:

<graphviz>dot my-graph.svg
digraph a {
    b -> c

The above produces the following:


There is support for other Graphviz commands, simply replace dot in the example above with any of the following:

Replace .svg with .png to generate inline PNGs.