Pagegen is supplied with a few features that make the shell environment easier to use. These extras are found in the extras directory.

Bash completion

Completion support for:

Bash completion for the pgn command. To enable on Ubuntu symlink as follows sudo ln -s <pagegen path>/extras/_pagegen_bash_complete /etc/bash_completion.d/pagegen_completion.

The completion will be enabled when in a pagegen directory (i.e. there is a site.conf in the current directory or above.

If pgn command is run with no arguments, and fzy or fzf are installed, user can select file from content directory and have it open in EDITOR. If path does not exist, it will be created.

Vim plugin

Convenience for vim users.

Install by copying extras/vim-plugin to ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/pagegen.

See extras/vim-plugin/doc/pagegen.txt for full documentation.